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X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray with Neck Strap and Carrying Case

X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray with Neck Strap and Carrying Case

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The Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray is an ultra-safe state-of-the-art system that has lower radiation levels than your traditional wall-mounted x-rays. In addition, the ergonomic design allows the x-ray to be comfortably held in your hands and with one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, it makes doing a full mouth series even faster and more efficient. The X-Vision features the longest battery life on the market, with a full charge, it is able to take up to 800 shots with very low exposure times while producing the best quality images whether it’s on film, digital sensors, or phosphorus plates. Finally, with the use of high-quality components, from the Panasonic battery to the Toshiba tube head, made in Japan, the X-Vision is the workhorse X-Ray for every office.


The Flight X-Vision Handheld Portable X-Ray system is a state-of-the-art x-ray generator that can be used in an array of settings. This easy-to-use, lightweight and ergonomic X-Ray system offers the longest battery capacity on the market, with up to 800 exposures on a single charge. The camera-type portable x-ray comes with a neck strap and hand straps to prevent falls and accidental damage. In addition, the convenient location of the x-ray activation switch allows you to quickly and easily take a full mouth series much quicker and with fewer re-takes than your traditional wall mount x-ray. This is the portable x-ray that every dental office needs to have to improve workflow and efficiency.

  • No Installation
  • Portable
  • Cordless
  • Remaining in the room allows you to control the patient’s movement and skillfully take pictures at any desired position due to its mobility (fewer retakes needed)
  • Less radiation per exposure
  • Only one unit is needed per clinic


  • Double Shielding from X-Ray Radiation
  • Lead Shielding around Generator + Back Scatter Shield
  • No Significant radiation exposure was measured at 10mm distance from the device
  • FDA requires all X-Ray devices to not exceed 0.25mgy/hr. X-Vision only has 0.04 mgy/hr of leaking radiation, making the X-Vision 6.25x more stringent than the FDA-recommended guidelines