Alcohol Wipes (70% Alcohol) 1000/Case


Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is a topical solution that kills germs and bacteria, use these full strength (70%) individual antiseptic swabs/wipes as a cleansing agent for wounds and bruises. This product also provides temporary relief of sore...

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Clorox Disinfectant Spray 32 FL oz With Bleach


  Clorox Clean-Up all purpose bleach spray cleaner is designed to quickly and effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. It removes tough kitchen and bath stains, grease and dirt on contact, while...

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House Brand

Gift Card Promo $50 - Value per order


Promotion $50 for $250 Gift Card. Applies to all new purchases between November 26 and January 15, 2021. PPE items are included! Clearance items are not included.  Use coupon Giftcard at checkout. Don't add more than 1 promotional gift cards, or you...

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Piezon 150 + Visa Gift Card


Tabletop ultrasonic scaling device. Comes with 3 tips: A, P and PS The PiezonĀ 150 combines power, precision, design and function in the smallest ultrasonic package available from Hu-Friedy. The PiezonĀ 150 attaches to water system and has a unique...

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