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SimpliShade Universal Composite Unidose 20/Pk

SimpliShade Universal Composite Unidose 20/Pk

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SimpliShade™ Composites

Simplified Universal Composite with Adaptive Response Technology

Choose SimpliShade™ Universal Composite to streamline your restoration workflow and inventory management, without compromising strength or esthetics. Featuring three shades (Light, Medium, and Dark), SimpliShade makes it quick and easy to match all 16 VITA® Classical shades — resulting in quicker shade-matching that leads to faster chair time. With less product to stock, re-order, and track, SimpliShade allows doctors to focus on caring for patients instead of managing inventory. This added simplicity comes with superior strength, lifelike esthetics, and long-lasting performance. With SimpliShade, beautifully strong restorations are easier than ever.

• Powered by ART. Designed with the proven Adaptive Response Technology (ART) found in Harmonize™, get lifelike restorations with exceptional strength and esthetics.
• Simplify Shade-Matching. With just three shades to match all 16 VITA Classical shades, shade selection is easier and faster.
• Save Time and Money. Reduce your inventory requirements, declutter your shelves, and spend less time re-ordering multiple products and keeping track of expiration dates.
• Use with Confidence. SimpliShade works in all cavity classes without the need for a blocker.

37007 SimpliShade Unidose Bleach Medium



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