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Kavo, 1.007.3201

Multiflex Lux Coupler 6 Pin 460LED for Illuminator


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KaVo MULTIflex couplings: Simple and fast

This is how you can become multiflex-able. Depending on the range of indications, almost all air-driven KaVo products will fit a MULTIflex coupling. This means for you: Quick exchange of the work equipment and high cost-effectiveness when extending your range of instruments. As a matter of course each dental instrument can be ergonomically rotated 360° on the MULTIflex coupling. 

Just a quick push and a “click“ – sufficient to connect your new instrument to the MULTIflex coupling. That means smooth operational sequences through rapid changes in the instruments. What’s more: the superb adaptability of the MULTIflex-System guarantees you high efficiency through an extensive range of instruments.

All KaVo MULTIflex LED couplings can now be sterilized at 135 °C and disinfected in a thermal disinfector. With that, KaVo has not only created a new hygiene standard that can be easily and quickly integrated into the daily routine of practice hygiene, but it is also offering an additional level of safety. All KaVo MULTIflex couplings with halogen lamps can also be converted to LEDs without complex conversion steps; simply take out the halogen lamp and insert the MULTI LED lamp.

The following items are pluggable on a MULTIflex coupling

  • All KaVo turbines with MULTIflex connection
  • KaVo SONICflex LINE for minimally invasive treatments
  • KaVo PROPHYflex for professional tooth cleaning
  • KaVo RONDOflex a minimally invasive and painless abrasion device for many applications
  • KaVo CORONAflex for easy removal of crowns and bridges
  • All KaVo INTRAflex LUX motor instruments
  • KaVo DiaLUX probe for diagnosis
  • KaVo air motor 181M (only MULTIflex couplings without light) and hence all KaVo contra-angles and handpieces
  • KaVo MULTI-FINEair: the micro air dryer for the finest cavities and canal
  • and further devices from other companies