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STERILOG System Complete with Premium Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet, and Transfer Printer

STERILOG System Complete with Premium Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet, and Transfer Printer

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STERILOG SYSTEM INCLUDES: - Premium MS Surface Go Touchscreen Tablet - SteriLog™ Software - Printer - Roll of 2000 Sterilizer-Safe Thermal Labels - Roll of Thermal Imprint Ribbon (ink) - Cables and Manual

Developed as a response to the need for a better solution, SteriLog is an automated innovation that records all data required to reprocess instruments, including both the packages themselves and the log. It does all this while saving precious time.

SteriLog not only labels the packages, and completes the logging, but also allows for certification of the results of chemical indicator tests after the sterilization cycle is complete. With each cycle, data on the use of Type 1, 4, and 5 chemical indicators is recorded in the log along with the results of active observation of the mechanical sterilizer function. SteriLog also allows for the recording and certification of active Biological (spore) (B1) and other tests in an independent log.

SteriLog is a smart, affordable solution that will help your practice from day one.

  • Saves time, reduces errors and frustration
  • Speedy and intuitive touchscreen data entry
  • Labels and logs – contents, operator, time, sterilizer, and cycle number for each package
  • Autoclave safe labels
  • Certification of the results of sterilizer mechanical function, type 1,4,5 and B1 spore tests
  • Secure login
  • Auto backup of data
  • Export to Excel for printing
  • Ample note-recording fields
  • Easy to learn
  • Helps maintain sterility
  • Developed and rigorously tested over time by dental personnel in real clinical settings

IPAC and Provincial guidelines have changed in a way that affects every dental practice in Canada. The mandatory “sterilize, label, and log” procedures are labour intensive, time consuming, prone to error, and have resulted in increased costs. Many practices have had to hire extra staff in order to be in compliance. Even with the best intentions, human error can hinder even the best systems.

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