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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold  5G, 256GB with pen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5G, 256GB with pen

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A closer look at Samsung Galaxy Z Fold


  • A spacious display gives you more room to play and the ability to use two apps at the same time
  • Under display camera delivers a truly uninterrupted view to capture bespoke pictures
  • 120Hz super smooth display gives you the best of your video and gaming experience

Design and Durability

  • When folded, it's a fully functional smartphone with an expansive display that gives you more room to play—perfect for texting, talking, and gaming
  • When unfolded, it opens into a large screen for a tablet-sized viewing experience to enjoy for hours, while minimising eye strain
  • Compact folding form with IPx8 water-resistance means you can take it with you on-the-go
  • With Gorilla Glass Victus and Armor Aluminum frame design, it's strong and durable for added peace-of-mind

Foldable Experience

  • The hinge hardware supports Flex mode at angles between 75° and 115° so you can fold it to hold it any way you like, or not hold it at all for your convenience
  • Flex view on the main display lets you make video calls or watch your favourite show hands free
  • Large screen allows you to multitask comfortably; watch your favourite shows, video chat with friends, send messages and so much more, all at once
  • With the multi-window layout and App Continuity features, the main screen allows you to comfortably watch and chat at the same time without toggling between apps

Sound, Storage, and Connectivity

  • Immerse yourself with premium sound with Dolby Atmos on your phone
  • 256GB of built-in storage for saving all your images, video, and data
  • Hyperfast 5G compatibility delivers peak performance to download, browse and share faster with 5G