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rayscan edge
  1. Rayscan Alpha 3D Edge 10x10: Digital Panoramic X-Ray, Cone Beam CT, Cephalometric X-Ray and Impression CT Scan all-in-one.
  2. Our Cone Beam CT has a multi Field of View ranging from 10x10cm jaw to 9x5cm maxilla or mandible. We offer a full suite of 3D capabilities, giving you endless diagnostic tools and implant library for your treatment planning.
  3. PANO: Including various protocols for convenience and better diagnoses. [ Jaw / Segment / TMJ / Sinus / Bitewing / Orthogonal ] rayscan edge pano
  4. CBCT: Higher resolution and lower dosage through specialized modes. [ Jaw (10x10) / Implant Surgery / Surgical Guide / Endo Treatment (9x5) / Sinus / TMJ ]
  5. CEPH: Fast scan of 4 seconds with reduced radiation. [ Lateral / PA / SMV / Carpus / Waters / Reverse - Towne ]
  6. IMPRESSION CT SCAN: Innovative technology in dental 3D scanning. CT Impression Scan brings a new advancement in a digital workflow.

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