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Rally  Composite Mini-Polishers Kit, 60pcs, Garrison

Rally Composite Mini-Polishers Kit, 60pcs


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Includes 60 polishers: 10 coarse points, 10 coarse cups, 10 medium points, 10 medium cups, 10 fine points, 10 fine cups

Rally gets you to the finish line faster!

The composite finish line that is. With zero reprocessing and sterilization hassles and a lustrous diamond final gloss, Rally™ single patient composite mini-polishers get you across the finish line and on to your next patient.
  • Get to the point – Every time! Single patient polisher means that you get a clean, fresh, properly shaped polisher every time.
  • Mini, but mighty! Rally’s small size and tapered shaft create a truly agile polisher capable of reaching the smallest anatomical features without blocking your visibility.
  • Give your mechanic the day off! (Maybe your assistant too!) Rally™ is fully assembled – no little mandrels to lose track of, no discs to snap on, there’s just nothing you need to mess with – including cleaning and sterilization.
  • A clean get-a-way! You don’t want to leave a trail of crumbs or spattered polishing paste on the track. Rally’s diamond impregnated high shine final polishers won’t crumble during use and don’t require paste to create a beautiful, durable shine.


Buy a Rally™ kit or 4 Rally™ refills and get a FREE SAMPLE 3-pack of eZr™ diamond polishing system.

To redeem this offer, mail a copy of our invoice dated 1/5/21 - 30/6/21 to: Garrison Dental Solutions, Attn: Liz Kammers, 150 DeWitt Lane, Spring Lake, MI 49456; or fax the invoice to: Garrison Dental Solutions, Attn: Liz Kammers, 1-616-842-2430; or email a scanned copy of the invoice to with PMCA521 in the Subject line. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

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