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Purevac HVE System Kit, Dentsply Sirona

Purevac HVE System Kit

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The Purevac HVE System consists of the HVE Mirror Tip which is a high volume evacuation tip with built in dental mirror and the HVE Hose Adapter that has a flexible and lightweight HVE hose connected to a 360 degree swivel for the HVE Mirror Tip. This enables a one-handed approach to evacuate the patient’s oral cavity of aerosols, splatter, fluid, and debris, while also providing visibility and illumination to the treatment area.

  • Large bore opening to provide high volume evacuation.
  • Built-in dental mirror desgined to provide indirect vision and illumination to the worksite.
  • Rounded and smooth edges.
  • Inlet ports to provide continuous suction.
  • Lightweight and flexible HVE hose.
  • 360° swiv

    In a research study, HVE removed 90% more aerosols during ultrasonic scaling compared to a low-volume saliva ejector.*

    Providing visibility and suction all in one hand.

    The Purevac HVE System enables a one-handed approach to evacuating fluid and debris while facilitating retraction, visibility, and illumination during multiple dental procedures.

    • Easier Maneuverability
      • 69% lighter and 130% more flexible than a standard HVE hose
      • 360 degrees of swivel
    • Greater Fluid Reduction
      • 135% more than a low-volume saliva ejector
    • Better Visibility
      • Fog-free mirror with continuous suction of fluid and debris
    • Reduced Noise
      • 14% less than a standard HVE tip and 5% less than a low-volume saliva ejector

    Promoting better, safer, faster dental procedures.

    One innovative system that handles multiple procedures.

    • Fog-free dental mirror provides indirect vision and illumination to the work site
    • Rounded and smooth edges designed for retraction of the oral mucosa
    • Ports provide continuous airflow, reducing mucosal aspiration and risk of back-flow
    • Flexible, lightweight, kink-resistant hose (5ft. length)
    • Autoclavable up to 100 cycles


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