3M-ESPE, 50600TK

Protemp Crown Trial Kit


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Trial kit includes 16 temporary crowns: 3 Molar Upper Large; 3 Molar Upper Small; 2 Molar Lower Large; 2 Molar Lower Small; 2 Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Large; 2 Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Small; 2 Bicuspid (Premolar) Lower; 1 bag of 10 crown size tools; technique guide; technique CD.
Protemp Crown Temporization Material The world's first preformed, malleable temporary crown. Protemp Crown Temporization Material from 3M ESPE is the world's first single-unit self-supporting, malleable, light-curable composite crown. This revolutionary, time-saving technique can result in higher productivity for you. Protemp Crown Temporization Material An Innovative Way to Fabricate Temporary Crowns Protemp Crown is a revolutionary, preformed malleable crown that delivers a custom fit for your patients in less than four minutes. This revolutionary method for single unit temporization is simple to use while resulting in significant time savings, custom fit and natural looking esthetics.