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Spraygenix Disinfecting Atomizer

Spraygenix Disinfecting Atomizer


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Keep your spaces safe at all times!

In a time of uncertainty you need your spaces disinfected at all times!

Spraygenix™ is equipped with 6 strong UV blue light rays, effectively assisting the disinfecting function by destroying the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

The mist sprayer makes the disinfectant liquid ingredients more effective in killing bacteria.

SprayGenix™ is most useful in the public places like Hospitals, Offices, Factories, Gyms, Schools, Malls, etc. 

Disinfection is essential to keep your spaces, clean and free from illness. Peace of mind for those inside. The SprayGenix™ works effortlessly and efficiently.

Instant and precise disinfection is what SprayGenix™ offers.

99.9% Disinfection Rate Electrostatic Technology Peace Of Mind

Fast & Effortless Sanitation

Over 3,000 Customers In The United States Have Already Began Using SprayGenix™ To Lower The Contamination Of Viruses.



Large Capacity: 800ml (27oz) container design, it can disinfect a large area one time! Detachable copper nozzle and internal conduit are anti- clogging design, built-in liquid filter, which will be more durable.

6 Strong UV Blue Light Rays: The UV rays will help assist the disinfecting process by destroying the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

Adjustable Sprayer: SprayGenix™ can spray up to 1.5-2 Meters according to how much you turn up the spray regulator on the side of the device.

Easy to Use: No warm up time required, start button starts spraying immediately! Easy to carry, safer for low voltage use! Suitable for families, schools, companies, transportation, etc

Rechargeable: 2600mAh lithium battery-powered, 2 hour charge time, continuous working time up to 3 hours. 110V-240V universal rated voltage. Safe & Convenient. Charger Included.

Wide Range of Uses: at home \ church \ office \ work \ metro \ shop \ community \ clothes \ groceries \ clubs \ cars \ etc ... CE - FCC - ROHS CERTIFICATION


1 Disinfectant Spray Gun 1 Charger

1 800ml Container

1 Instruction Manual

1 PDF File - How to make your disinfectant solution at home!