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Pola Day 10 x 1.3g Syringe Kit 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

Pola Day 10 x 1.3g Syringe Kit 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide


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The high viscosity, neutral ph tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient comfort in a take-home kit. The unique blend of soothers, conditioners, and high water content maximizes patient comfort.

High water content

The high water content of the gel reduces dehydration of the enamel and decreases patient sensitivity.

High molecular weight thickener

This reduces the tacky feeling and drying effect of the gel in turn maximizing patient comfort.

High viscosity

The high-viscosity gel ensures it can be easily and securely placed into the tray and remains in the tray for the entire procedure.


The pleasantly flavored spearmint gel is both fresh and long-lasting.

Contains desensitizing agent

The Pola Day and Pola Night gels contain a desensitizing agent which acts on the nerve endings and desensitizes them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn maximizing patient comfort.

Neutral pH

Pola Day and Pola Night’s neutral pH ensures the full release of the peroxide without jeopardizing patient comfort.

The large choice of concentrations enables the treatment of a wide range of patient situations.

1% hydrogen peroxide approximately equals 3% carbamide peroxide.

Treatment guidelines
Pola Day 7.5% : 2 X 15 min/day OR 1 X 30 min/day