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Dentsply Sirona, 659040

Palodent Sectional Matrix System BiTine Round Rings Refill 4


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Palodent Sectional Matrix System BiTine Round Rings Refill 4 includes: 4 x BiTine Round Rings

The original sectional matrix system

  • Provides tight contacts and natural contours on Class II restorations
  • Spring steel BiTine Rings gently separate the teeth to create space for contour and contact creation
  • Multiple matrix dimensions and geometries for varied clinical situations
  • BiTine Ring Placement Forceps firmly hold the BiTine Ring during placement

The Palodent System employs a spring steel BiTine ring and sectional matrices for placement of restorations in the posterior region. Sectional matrices are available in three sizes suitable for use with all posterior restorative materials. BiTine rings are available in round and oval or elongated shapes suitable for use in the posterior region either singly or in tandem. The advantages of the sectional matrices and rings include natural contours for better control of contact areas and embrasures, ease of placement, better visualization of the operative field, and more comfort for the practitioner and patient. Eliminating the leverage of a conventional matrix retainer allows the practitioner to use less tension, avoiding excessive compression of tooth and easier formation of anatomical proximal contact areas.