Selling your practice

Dental offices are small businesses, but unlike most small businesses, the dentist/owner is often not a small business expert. So when the time comes to sell a dental practice, it is in your best interest to let an expert at buying and selling businesses handle marketing and selling.

Use these methods to increase the value of your practice starting a few weeks prior to sale:

• It is vital to the value of the practice to have a Dental practice website. The website should be full of content and educational materials. It should have online forms for clients to complete so they do not have to complete forms in the office. If a dental office uses the best technology, it will attract patients who also use technology

• If your practice is not active on social media, then it’s time to start connecting with your patients on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Every dental office should have a home page on Facebook and a Twitter account, and those should be updated a few times each week

• Along with maintaining an online presence, it is important to build your reputation and your patient base. Please maintain your online reviews

• After your online presence looks professional, it’s time to do the same to the office itself. Many interior decorators specialize in office spaces

• Finally, each dental practice moving toward transition needs to have a business plan designed to bring in new or inactive patients

What can Dental Brands do for you?

1. Provide you with access to potential buyers

2. Screening potential buyers

3. No brokerage fees

4. We can also connect you to highly reputable brokers based on your needs such that you get priority access to brokerage services and are placed on top of the list for selling or purchasing the practice

5. Provide highly professional and confidential service

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