What a time to be alive! We’re making technological advancements in every industry from dentistry, to automobiles, to cell phones… did we mention phones? Currently, the Internet is buzzing over the release of the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is available for purchase on September 16th, and we are pleased to announce that it will be available as a luxury gift to customers who subscribed to collect rewards points.

If you chose to participate in the rebate or discount programs, the rewards are not available to you and will not be collected.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the features to get excited about on the iPhone 7. This phone has an advanced camera system, a longer battery life, immersive stereo speakers, it’s splash and water resistant (this is what we need!), uses wireless headphones, and its sleek look and design undermines all of the iPhones out on the market right now.

So, what’s the deal?

It might be that much easier to get a hold of this latest device. It will cost you only:

180 Dental Miles or 5,999 Dental Dollars.

If you’re scratching your head right now, here’s more information about how our Dental Brands Rewards Program works:

We have 4 Loyalty Programs, and you can choose the best option for you in order to accumulate points:

  • The Reloadable Reward – Dental Brands MasterCard
  • Loyalty Cards 
  • Rebate and Discount Program
  • Luxury Rewards 

You will earn one Dental Mile for every item you purchase from us and one Dental Dollar for every dollar that you spend with us. For more information about our Rewards Program please click here.

How and when will we receive the iPhone7?

If you have 180 Dental Miles or 5,999 Dental Dollars already, then you’re in luck! You’ll be able to trade in your Dental Brand Miles or Dental Dollars for the iPhone 7 available on September 16th.

Dental Brands will buy the iPhone 7 from Apple and have it shipped directly to you. We will also provide you with a copy of the receipt so that if you have any issues with the phone, you have your own copy.

Dental Brands wants to say thank you for being a loyal customer and reward you for buying the items you need!