We now offer HARP testing in Ontario. Get $50 Gift Card with a purchase of 5 tests.

Dental Brands is proud to announce the addition of following services to our portfolio:

  • XRIS machine registration and installation plan approval consulting service
  • Ontario Dental X-Ray HARP Acceptance and Quality Testing

Radiation Monitoring of X-Ray Machines

X-ray machines in Ontario that are used for the irradiation of a human being are regulated under the Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) Act. This legislation specifies technical performance standards for x-ray machines and outlines the procedures and tests that are deemed necessary and their frequency to ensure the highest possible level of patient and operator safety.

Registration of X-ray Machines

All dental x-ray machines must be registered by the owner and installations must be approved by the X-ray Inspection Service (XRIS) of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Owners of x-ray equipment need to submit or re-submit applications for approval when:

  • purchasing new or used x-ray machinery;
  • relocating existing x-ray machinery;
  • replacing existing x-ray machinery (other than routine maintenance);

Approval consists of a plan of your office layout accompanied by the required additional forms and information. Written approval to install and operate the x-ray machine must be made, in writing, by the provincial Director of X-ray Safety.


Equipment Testing

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance tests are performed on all new and used X-ray equipment. It is recommended that acceptance testing be performed immediately after installation and before first use on patients as a best practice. The Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) must ensure acceptance results are submitted to the Director within 60 days of installation.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is performed on all new and used X-ray equipment every 12 months and upon alteration or servicing of the machine.


Why choose us?

  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario Approved
  • Established relationship with Dentists and inspectors at the Ministry of Health of Ontario
  • Strong scientific background and in-depth knowledge of the HARP Act
  • Convenient testing Options – On Site and Mail

How it Works?

Mail order service: Your office is provided with QC test packets and simple instructions for their use. When they are exposed and returned to us, we will send or email you your reports

On-Site Service: Our trained staff comes to your office and performs the necessary testing using state of the art test meters.

We also help dental offices that have had a visit from an X-Ray Inspector and found the office to be out of compliance with the HARP Act.

For Your Convenience, we remind you each year when testing is due

For more information, or to engage our services, please call: 1-888-441-0443