What is a dental franchise opportunity?

Is it just a name and a chunk of cash upfront? You can look at it this way, yes. The higher the number you have to part with to start a business, the more reluctant you become. Are you a dental office that is a business, or are you a business, that is a dental office? Hmm…

Often, doctors delay big decisions until they are more comfortable and financially settled. This means hours of chasing better dental supply prices, deciding on marketing and branding, spending more time on the business side, than actually doing what you want to do – practicing dentistry.

Now it is your opportunity to start owning your business from the get-go with the support of those, who need you to succeed.

So how does this work?

• Think of yourself as an autonomous practice, but with a full backup of the franchise prices, overhead control and mass marketing

• Dental franchises offer full start-up packages, including chairs, supplies and even loyalty programs. Being a part of a network gives you an opportunity to become a successful patient oriented practice with flexible schedules, participate in exclusive promotions that would otherwise be not available to you as an individual practice, receive training and stay on top of the innovations while keeping the practice affordable

• Your practice will be able to take on cases which others were forced to give up on in the past.

Upcoming Partnership: Lemala Dental Group

Lemala Group

The establishment of a highly effective and efficient business model which allows patients to obtain treatment at a fraction of the average costs has lead to the birth of the Lemala Dental Group. In light of the increasing demand and the need to serve the public more efficiently, the Lemala Dental group became involved in creating Canada’s first dental franchise chain of dental clinic which cater to provide traditionally costly treatments (i.e. Invisalign) at an affordable and deeply discounted rate, while still maintaining the quality and professional outcome.