Dental Miles

Get a $50 Gift Card with every purchase of any 10 items!

No limit: Mix & Match!

Purchase any 10 items on the Dental Brands website or catalogue, and you will receive a $50 Gift Card of your choice! There are NO LIMITS on the qualifying amounts! Even the low-value items like masks, K-files or saliva ejectors qualify for this promotion.

Example 1

If you order: 10 x K-Files (DiaDent) = $119.50

You will spend only $119.50, and receive $50 Gift Card!


Example 2

If you order: 5 x Boxes of Masks (House Brand) = $59.75 and 5 x Topex Gel (Dentsply) = $89.75
You will spend only $149.50, and receive $50 Gift Card!


To start collecting number of items per order, select Dental Miles when you create an account.