If you’re shopping around for dental supplies for your practice and you’re looking to try something new, you may be confused by some products that seem to perform the same function but look slightly different. Take hemostatic sponges, for instance. There are many varieties of dental sponges whose hemostatic agents are derived from different sources, such as gelatin, bone wax, or cellulose. But if all these products do basically the same thing, how do you decide what to use on your patients? While gelatin products like Gelfoam are more commonly used in dentistry, there are other alternatives to absorbable hemostatic products out there, like Spongostan, that are just as effective and easier to apply. 

The Facts About Gelfoam 

Gelfoam dental sponges are an absorbable hemostatic agent derived from porcine skin gelatin that can hold up to 45 times its weight. This material can be applied dry or moistened with saline solution. It is effective with stopping small bleeding. 

Gelfoam comes in three different sizes as a single rectangular sponge in a sterile envelope. Once the Gelfoam sponge has been removed from the packaging, it’s sterility can no longer be guaranteed, which means that whatever part of the sponge that isn’t used must be discarded. While Gelfoam does come in tooth-sized sponges, it still requires cutting and shaping to fit into your patient’s tooth socket.

If you’re looking for an alternative that is easy to use, safe on the environment, and forms to your patients’ mouths without all that time-consuming shaping, Gelfoam may not be the product you’re looking for. 

The Facts About Spongostan

Spongostan, which is also a porcine-based gelatin hemostatic sponge and has all the same characteristics as Gelfoam, earns kudos for its packaging. Although Spongostan products have been on the market for over 60 years, their packaging is designed with the modern dentist in mind. Each 1-inch square sponge is individually packaged, which guarantees the minimum amount of waste. There is no cutting or shaping required, saving you time and money.

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