The Ritter Brand stands for high quality state-of-the-arttechnology and thoughtful innovation made in Germany.

We have a proud heritage of serving the global dentalcommunity since 1887. It is our privilege to offer high quality products to ensure a predictable experience and to better serve the needs of your patients.

Ritter implants are supported by a lifetime guarantee, so you can remain confident, while remaining focused onyour ultimate goal of treating patients. Our mission is to improve the quality of life, both patient's and clinician's.

  • SB/LA Ritter Spiral Implant

    Sand Blasted | Large Particle | Acid Etched | Platform Switch Capable | Tapered

    The Ritter Spiral Implant provides strength, stability and ease of surgical insertion with a flexible, easy to understandprosthetic system. Through the use of our Ritter Surgical Kit, composed of a 3-in-1 initial drill and length specific drills,we have streamlined the surgical site preparation and reduced osteotomy prep time.

    Ritter’s unique built-in platformshift and straight forward prosthetics allow for simple laboratory communication and case planning. Together, Ritter’s precision and innovation ensures predictable quality results.

  • The Original RI-Quadro Spiral Implant (QSI) System

    Ritter Implant systems are manufactured using an industry standard Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6AL4V) for enhanced strength and utilizes a roughened surface prepared with well documented SB/LA surface preparation for exceptional bone and soft tissue response.

    The QSI Implant has a tapered body that comes on a spring loaded carrier. The QSI utilizes the same compatible Lead-in Bevel Hex Thread connection and platform shifting abutments as the SB/LA Spiral Implant System.