If you do your best to stay on top of the latest health trends, you might have heard of oil pulling before. It is the buzz term on everyone’s lips as an alternative form of oral care, and yet, many of us don’t exactly know what oil pulling is.

So What is it?

Although it sounds like a New Age invention concocted by a group of inventive hippies, oil pulling is actually an ancient method of teeth cleaning that is now backed by scientific evidence. Many people swear by its benefits, yet there are still some health claims that have yet been proven by research. The method has its roots in ancient Indian medicine and thousands of years older than the old toothbrush and toothpaste technique. It consists of swishing oil in your mouth for twenty minutes to essentially pull the nasty stuff like plaque, germs, and bacteria from your teeth and gums, kind of like how soap reacts to dirt.

How Do You Oil Pull?

If you’re curious about oil pulling, you have nothing to lose except for maybe a spoonful of oil! Simply take a tablespoon of oil (most people recommend coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil) and swoosh it around your mouth for twenty minutes, but be careful not to swallow. Make sure to suck it in between your teeth too! Treat it like a mouthwash and your mouth will know what to do. Once you’re done, spit the oil in the garbage to avoid sink blockages, and rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth. Simple as that.

Oil Pulling in the Long Run

It’s up to you if you want to continue oil pulling. Keep in mind that oil pulling should never replace your daily brushing and flossing routine, but you may consider using this method as a replacement for mouthwash. The more ways you can incorporate safe methods of cleaning your teeth and mouth, the healthier you’ll be. Speak to your dentist about oil pulling and its benefits.

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