Going to the dentist can be daunting. It’s not the most pleasant thing to sit through, and it is up to the dentist and dental hygienists to create a comfortable and inviting environment for their patients. By creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere, patients will not dread going to the dentist as much, and, as a result, it will become more of an experience than a task. There are a few features that are important to incorporate into your dental clinic in order to have a more welcoming space. 

A Friendly Greeting

Saying hello goes a long way! By greeting your patients, it can calm their nerves, and make them feel more welcomed and comfortable. Walking into any office can be intimidating, but if they are unhappy or fear going to the dentist, a quick greeting and a smile can sometimes help.

Add a Little Décor

It’s all in the details. Sometimes patients will be waiting awhile to see the dentist, so it is important to incorporate different little décor pieces that can provide some entertainment, and add to the peaceful environment. Most offices have a water cooler that people can grab water from while they’re waiting, and some clinics even have aquariums, which can help to distract fearful children. Incorporating good lighting, artwork, and even fresh flowers can help to open the space up and make it smell good and feel home-y.


You need chairs, couches, and tables for people to sit and place their belongings on. People are more comfortable when they sit, especially when the dentist is running behind and they have to wait a long time for their appointment to begin.

Like Your Teeth….Keep it Clean

No one wants to walk into a messy office space. Make sure to keep your entry, washroom, and foyer consistently clean. Having a messy washroom and leaving dirt on the floors is unwelcoming. Cleaning up your clinic space will contribute to the atmosphere you want to create for your patients. If you have a messy office, patients will not feel as comfortable and will be more reluctant to return.

Make your dental clinic a comfortable and inviting place by implementing these four features into your design plan. Take the fear out of going to the dentist and make it a positive experience for every patient!