Curette After Five 5/6

Various numbers

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Curette After Five 5/6 #8 Resin Eight Handle SRPG5/68
Curette After Five 5/6 #4 Round Handle SRPG5/64
Curette After Five 5/6 #6 Satin Steel Handle SRPG5/66
Curette After Five 5/6 #7 Satin Steel Colours Handle SRPG5/67
Curette After Five 5/6 #2 Octagon Handle SRPG5/6
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Product Description
After Five® Gracey Curettes are designed to adapt to a specific area or tooth surface. These curettes allow for deep scaling, root planing and periodontal debridement. • Terminal shank elongated by 3 mm for access into deep periodontal pockets and root surfaces of 5 mm or more and better clearance around the crown • Blade thinned by 10% to ease gingival insertion and reduce tissue distention • Area-specific design patterned after the standard Gracey offers exact adaptation and control • Available in Rigid and Extra Rigid designs for greater strength when needed
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Manufacturer Hu-Friedy
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