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Ultimate Disinfectant Wipes 400/Bucket

Ultimate Disinfectant Wipes 400/Bucket

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70% Alcohol Wipes
Quality wipes for surfaces and equipment.

400 wipes. 7.2"x6.3"

Instructions: It is necessary to clean the surface to remove any dirt or food residue. It is recommended to use a cleaning wipe and after a thorough cleaning wipe the surface dry. Open the flap on top of the wipes dispenser, pull one wipe out and tear along perforators. Use wipes in a circular motion to cover the entire area of the surface. If the wipe dries out use a second wipe until the surface is fully treated. Close the flap of the dispenser and wait for the wipes to dry out before dispensing them in the garbage bin.

Intended for external use only.

Contains water (reverse osmosis), Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.5%

* Made In Israel.