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General Purpose Cleaner


1 Gallon Jar Shipping Weight 10lbUltrasonic Solution General Purpose Cleaner This nonammoniated, concentrated formula, effectively cleans dried blood, tissue, pumice, food, rouge, Tripoli & buffing compounds from the surface of any appliance while...

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House Brand

Surgical Aspirator Tips 25/Pk


25/packSurgical Aspirator Tips Made with smooth edges for maximum patient comfort. The surgical aspirator is molded at a 30 degree angle and fits 11mm suction holders. Blue 1/16" Diameter, White 1/8" Diameter, Green 1/4" in Diameter.

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House Brand

Air/Water Syringe Tips Plastic, White 250/Box


Air/Water Syringe Tips Plastic, White 250/BoxDisposable Air/Water Syringe Tips are rounded edge for maximum patient comfort, Convenient dispenser bottle keeps work area clear and assists in preventing cross-contamination. Its body is made of rigid white...

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